Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun with counting.

Oh, man, work is getting me down. Don't you love having someone say "Hey, you!" and snap their fingers at you? It's marvelous. I marvel at it. Really.

The job search is discouraging as well, as I have gotten no phone calls. Except from bill collectors.

Those guys don't do much for my morale either. I have gotten repeated phone calls from not one, not two, but THREE different collectors for bills that I paid already. Yes, the whole telemarketer auto-dial thing has been explained to me. I still fucking hate it. I think that technology ain't as far ahead of its time as it thinks it is when I can pay a bill online, the money can come out of my checking account, and OLD NAVY AND THE GAP still want to call me THE NEXT DAY, and then THE DAY AFTER THAT, and then AGAIN AND AGAIN for DAYS IN A ROW to ask me why I haven't paid my bill. It apparently only took them about two weeks to get caught up; they've finally stopped calling. At least the Target people politely invite me to check out their clearance racks when they call to collect.

In related news, Old Navy has placed a note on my account that says, "She won't hesitate to use the word 'fuck' when you call her." I hope all their people are eighteen and up.


Anonymous said...

Parts of this crack me up. I have nothing witty to say, but HA! Now, if only they would put a note on that said, "She has paid this mutha-grabbin bill." Then you wouldn't have to resort to the f-word.


Bran said...

I have so been there with the all mighty bill collectors! We had been very late on my husbands car payment but then managed to pay it off entirely. Several weeks later we took a weekend vacation and came back to the car gone from the driveway! Talk about slow to catch up on things...the bank had to pay to have it towed back to us.