Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I got the job! I start on Monday. I am grateful and thankful. It's basically a desk job with a lot of benefits and paid holidays, so hopefully I'll love it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My darling.

My darling.
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I managed to upload some more photos today, including some of the other wedding we photographed a few weekends ago.

Still waiting to hear about my background check at my possible new job. Keep crossing fingers.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I tell you, things just continue to get crazier and crazier around here.

I haven't heard back from my job people yet; they said it would take five days to get the background check back and that was on Wednesday.

Jason's ex-wife is trying once again to squeeze some money out of us, and now she's trying to talk him into commiting tax fraud in order to get it. These people beat all, I have to say. She still seems to think that we should give her half of our stimulus check that we got this year, as well as child support for May, June, and July, and Jason can just "claim the kids on your taxes again this year" and pay what we "owe" out of it.

The reality is that our lawyer reassured us months ago that they aren't entitled to any of the stimulus money no matter how hard she tries to make it seem like she is. The kids lived with us in May, so even if we were supposed to be paying child support for some of the summer it wouldn't be for May. If a judge orders us to pay child support for June and July I will totally jump on board BUT I AM NOT DEALING WITH ANY OF THIS UNDER-THE-TABLE, JUST-BETWEEN-US BULLSHIT FROM TWO CRAZY PEOPLE WHO ARE UNPREDICTABLE, GREEDY, RUDE, AND SCHEMING.

As far as the tax stuff, she's been frauding social security for several years and she knows that if we end up in court that will come up, so I figure she's just trying to come up with a way to get Jason in trouble, too. SUCK IT, FOLKS. I've said it before, I'll say it again, and last week I said it to a 22-year-old dude who works at Citifinancial: You cannot squeeze blood from a turnip. If you haven't made the intellectual leap yet, what I'm saying is we currently have $45 in the bank and exactly one week before we'll be getting any more money.

We have no money. There is no money. You aren't getting any money.

We will continue paying child support just like we have been since August, the month that SHE chose for us to start paying child support again. But anything else will have to be settled by our lawyers and a judge in court.

Mark: comments?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So I have just this morning accepted a job offer. I hesitate to feel totally comfortable about it because now they're starting a background check which "may include a credit check". I've missed job opportunities before because I have terrible credit, whichs is mostly due to my losing my job at the college and then losing my last job at the flower shop.

There is so much drama in the world right now, and so much drama in my life. Besides the daily grind- being unemployed, begging for jobs, being in foreclosure, being in collection with most of our debts, having no money, etc.- there is a lot going on right now, enough that I have trouble keeping up with everything and everyone and how I'm supposed to handle all of it.

I don't get a lot of good rest these days. I'm usually thinking, worrying, calculating; my brain doesn't stop long enough to really be calm. Maybe soon. Maybe I'll get this job and we can all find a little peace.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


First dance.
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I was finally able to upload some stuff to my flickr today, courtesy of my mom and her ability to deal with my kid while I spend an hour at the computer.

Congratulations, Adam and Laura.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

187 on a motherfuckin'...

I am still attempting to get some photos uploaded. We brought our iMac to the library on Thursday but we couldn't get it to connect to the internet. Now I have them burned on a disc but the library computers have the disc drive disabled. THANKS, PUBLIC LIBRARIES OF AMERICA, FOR FUCKING UP MY DAY.

I attended a pretty wild party last night with old friends, new friends, and everything in between, and I have to say that we are still cool enough to have the cops called on our parties. Because that's how you measure cool: by how angry you can make your neighbors.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?

I just got done with a job interview. I'm feeling pretty good about it. This is the third job interview I've had since I left my last job, the third job interview I've had in three-and-a-half months of being unemployed, of actively seeking employment. It's certainly the best interview I've had in a while; I felt competent and the fellows who interviewed me were enthusiastic. At one point my interviewer said, "So you're not currently employed. So I guess you could start.." I interrupted, "TOMORROW." They got a laugh out of it. Little do they know that I've been eating cans of black beans for months. At least I like black beans, so it's not that bad.

I sold two items on my Etsy this morning. GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING, PEOPLE. Today I'm looking up, for a change.

Coming soon: wedding photos, positivity, and good news, let's hope.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once more with feeling.

I'm still here; still no internet at home.

I am currently sitting at a library computer at which my mother found a little plastic baggy. She held it up between thumb and forefinger and said, "Now I don't know what this is. For all I know it could have contained COCAINE."

I can just imagine some Leedsite sitting contentedly at this very computer, doing lines off the mousepad.

Jason and I have polished off two more weddings. I'm just awfully excited; they both went so well. I can't wait to update our portfolio. If you know anybody who needs a photographer for a wedding or portraits of their kids or pets or engagement photos or band photos, please pass our names along. We'll probaby be able to get some photos uploaded on Thursday.

I realize my posts have been a little off lately. I think of good stuff to write about when I'm sitting on my couch at home, not when I'm sitting in front of a library computer. Ah, well. Sucks to your asmar.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Well, I figured after my woe-is-me update from yesterday, I should add something positive.

Last weekend we photographed a wedding of a friend that I haven't been able to spend nearly enough time with over the past few years. The wedding was really lovely, and I think we did a great job. I'm really excited; I think these pictures are some of the prettiest that we've ever taken. As soon as we deliver to the new couple I'm going to post some here.

We're photographing another wedding this weekend, which means more practice and a little more money- both very good things. I hope we can do as well this weekend as we did last weekend.

As much complaining and fretting as I so around here, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who is still reading. I love you guys. Keep reading.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ah, a year's worth of posts.

This is my 365th post. If you start reading my blog today and read one entry per day it will take you one year to read the whole thing. Of course, I'll keep posting, so it will actually take you longer, so it's actually meaningless.

Anyways, this post is coming from my Mama's house as our internet has finally disappeared. Phone and cable had been cut off long ago but the internet stayed; I assumed we were picking up someone else's wifi. Alas, no it's gone, so our internetting will be few and far between.

This week I am working on another article for Lipstick and continuing the job hunt.

Also, it appears that my check card has been stolen. I have no idea when it happened as we've had so little money I haven't even attempted to use it in about two weeks. Now it's suddenly not in my wallet.

I'm glad bad things rarely happen to us, so when bad things like this happen I can manage to be all, "Oh, well. It's not that bad. At least the rest of my life is going swimmingly."

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I am consumed again with worry about the same thing I was worried about for most of the spring and summer: Kane and Jude.

A couple of experiences that were relayed to Jason by a family member have him panicking about sending them back to their mom's house; he's worried that he made the wrong decision, that Kane and Jude will be harmed somehow by that decision.

I feel sad that Jason is so worried, because I know exactly how he feels: I have often wondered and feared if it was a bad idea to send them back with their mom. She and her husband have a lot of problems, and I am only referring to the obvious, clear problems that we can see that they have. There is no telling what all is going on under the surface that we don't even have a clue about.

Now our lawyer is getting messages from their lawyer asking when we are going to "make arrangements" to pay child support. It isn't clear if he is referring to current child support or backed child support. If it's current, we've been paying it, and either their lawyer doesn't know what he's doing or they are lying to him and telling him we haven't been paying. If it's backed child support, I can't believe anyone is still discussing it. While I am begging for a job, any job, and praying for unemployment, they are driving to Texas to buy SUPER-FANCY ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT JEEP DOORS, for Pete's sakes. DRIVING TO TEXAS IN A GAS-GUZZLING JEEP for new doors, for fuck's sakes. I can't get over it, so just don't expect it.

Anyway, this life just keeps getting scarier and more bizarre every day, and I don't see any signs of it returning to normalcy. Lindsey and I often joke that this, this right here, this is just our lives now, and we should just get used to it.

I just don't know. I am still seeking employment to absolutely no end whatsoever, while the kids' mom and step-dad don't have to work, will never have to work, on account of they're too crazy to. Yet they feel like this makes them better candidates to raise the kids because they can "devote 24 hours a day to the children".

It's all a mess, and it's making me feel ill. Maybe I need to seek lessons on making the government think I'm too crazy to work. At least I know where to look for them.