Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Once more with feeling.

I'm still here; still no internet at home.

I am currently sitting at a library computer at which my mother found a little plastic baggy. She held it up between thumb and forefinger and said, "Now I don't know what this is. For all I know it could have contained COCAINE."

I can just imagine some Leedsite sitting contentedly at this very computer, doing lines off the mousepad.

Jason and I have polished off two more weddings. I'm just awfully excited; they both went so well. I can't wait to update our portfolio. If you know anybody who needs a photographer for a wedding or portraits of their kids or pets or engagement photos or band photos, please pass our names along. We'll probaby be able to get some photos uploaded on Thursday.

I realize my posts have been a little off lately. I think of good stuff to write about when I'm sitting on my couch at home, not when I'm sitting in front of a library computer. Ah, well. Sucks to your asmar.


Anonymous said...

Yay for the weddings! I should get some serious Myrna portraits done...


Anonymous said...

ink to the drunkitude - hyperlink?

Anonymous said...

Well since you're sitting by the reference section anyways, could you look up these words for me:


Anonymous said...


I think that kid who was rude and crude with the wii-mote months ago should sue. Check out the dark room sex game...