Sunday, March 30, 2008


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I'm waiting patiently for my ribs to heal. This has happened before, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.

I'm really excited about our show at Speakeasy on April 17. It feels really good to be working towards something. Jason is working on some amazing paintings, and I have a whole lot of new jewelry to show off. We have a new lens and it's amazing; we've been hired to photograph a few upcoming weddings, and I'm feeling good about the future.

Jason's infinitely rad brother fixed his car, so we don't have to worry about that. Jason is about to fix the plumbing, so we're about to not have to worry about that.

Things get rough around here sometimes, and I'm lucky that I am surrounded by people who care and want to know what's going on and want to help. It's like a roller coaster- I feel bad and worried, and then I feel good and hopeful.

My karma is loving me, and I'm loving it back. I work hard to take care of three little people who aren't able to do anything but depend on me, and I work hard to make my husband glad that he knows me. i work hard to attempt to give back to all the people who take such good care of me. I may never repay all of you, but I will keep trying.


Anonymous said...

You kids...


Lindsey said...

That has got to be, hands down, the funniest thing I've ever seen. Seriously hilarious. I laughed and laughed. Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun. Whew, lordy.

Thom said...

You go girl!

I dig the karma link.

Anonymous said...

this 'sj' person is throwing me for a loop. just wanted to say i'm glad you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. love stephanie

Anonymous said...

thats right bitches! my man card just got renewed. eat it

love jason

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know about the weddings!!! That is fabulous. I read the karmic I am very very very happy that you are happy.


Anonymous said...

Do man cards expire? shit.

If Stephanie happens to re-read these in the slightly sick sort of way that I do... s.j.=some jerk who sat by you in APMEH.

For Buffy,
Glad everything worked out. Just noticed the similarities between some blogs that's all...

angry betty said...

great! thanks for posting the email on my blog. in that spirit, i did delete one entry. it had nothing to do with you or this situation. also, keep in mind, it was meant to be a anonymous blog. i don't mind owning up to anything, but i would like to keep somethings private. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Re: all the karma.
I didn't want to comment, but I sincerely hope all "that" can be over now. All grievances are aired--maybe.
It's old news. I think the karma done came and went with regards to all the things that went on. I hope this is inoffensive to all.