Monday, August 10, 2009


Things have gone kind of quiet over here. I intended to use this day to clean my house, but then Jason did most of it last night so here I am, wasting my day, listening to the sounds of the house and my dog and the ceiling fans.

I got laid! No, wait; I got laid OFF. On July 31st they informed me that because of the economy and these hard times the company had decided to cut my position.

My best friend Kristi got married two days ago, and the days leading up to it were an emotional roller coaster for ME, I can't even imagine how it must have all felt for Kristi.

My dad is crazy. My mom is crazy. I certainly never had a chance.

Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontent.


Dobby Mauby said...

The weiner of your discontent? Your mom is NOT crazy. She's just uniquely oriented. Well, sometimes she's crazy, but in the decades of her youth, that was a compliment. "She's a really CRAZY chick!" So, did you mean that as a compliment?

Uncle Dobby

Birdie said...

Dude. That bites the big one. *hugs*