Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We'll all float on anyway.

Hm, where to start? I've already written about getting laid off, and about my uncle dying. Let's see; what else?

Well, on Friday we got a letter in the mail that our house has been foreclosed, and that we have ten days (until October 10th) to vacate. PARTY, right? So we've been planning and packing and trying to figure out how to fit all of us into my mother's house. It's not that small of a house, it's just the plan of action, and figuring where to put all our shit- really that should be ALL OUR SHIT EXCLAMATION- once we get there.

So this morning I called the lawyer for the mortgage company to find out if that date, October 10th, was the definite date we had to be out, because if we could get even a couple more days it would make things so much easier for us. The attorney said that we should call our mortgage company and ask for an extended vacate period, that they do that all the time, that it's nothing out of the ordinary. So I called Citimortgage at the number he gave me and spoke to Avery, who had no idea what I was talking about, and that I should call Joe X- I'm not shitting you, JOE X is who I should talk to. So I called the number Avery gave me for JOE X, and Kathy answered and said she had never heard of JOE X, and that the number I called was her direct line and she had never heard of a JOE X and that she doesn't work with loans and I could try Safeguard, the property management company. So I called Safeguard, and the girl there told me they had nothing to do with any of it, and I should talk to my mortgage company. THANKS. So I called the mortgage company again and spoke with a girl who said that there's nothing they could do; had we asked for assistance they might have been able to help us out. I said, "We DID ask for assistance; we filled out your hardship package TWICE and never heard from you guys, and every time we've called we've been told that our case has been turned over to someone else and that someone else is off today so we'll have to call them tomorrow." Then I asked to speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor Ashley informed me that we should call the sheriff's office to find out when we actually have to be out of the house and if we can get and extension. I said, "You're telling me that YOU can't tell me, and no one there at Citimortgage can tell me when we're supposed to be out of the house." She replied, "Yes." So then I said, "Hey, are you guys hiring? Because I need a job and I could come sit down there and not know what I'm doing for ten or twelve dollars an hour." I SERIOUSLY SAID THAT, I AM SUCH A BADASS. So I called the sheriff's department and they had no idea what I was talking about and I spoke to three different people including SMALL CLAIMS (a mortgage? small claims? seriously?) and probate and nobody knew anything about it. So now I've called the attorney again and left a message and I'm waiting to hear back.


Also, last night, Jason's ex-wife's husband started sending him threatening text messages about how he's coming to our house and Jason is a "jackass" and a "sorry ass". Oh, and I haven't even told you the half of what's been going on. I've been debating how much I'm going to write here about what's been going on with Jason's kids, so suffice it to say that everything is all messed up and the blame falls on me, on my being scary and threatening, and now my husband can't spend time with his kids and my son can't spend time with his brothers because of it.

All else I know to say on that is, 1) I am proud of this blog. I love to write, and I like everything I've written here. I enjoy every one's comments, whether good or bad, and I like knowing that people are looking at this blog. I don't regret the things I've written here because I am allowed to express love and exasperation and I am allowed to use sarcasm and exaggeration when I do it; I am allowed an opinion. If you don't like my opinion, don't read my blog. 2) I love Kane and Jude, tons and tons, more than I am capable of expressing here, and I have always treated them with love and respect and the things that I've written here about them speak to how deep and real that love is. Sometimes I write about day-to-day things like SOCKS! and COATS!, but I haven't written anything on this blog about any of that stuff that I haven't said out loud to Kane and Jude. And 3) I don't write this blog for children to read. The internet is a big, scary place and there is a lot of stuff out there that isn't for children. My blog certainly isn't the worst of it; there are all kinds of things scarier like PORN and CARROT TOP and REPUBLICANISM that kids could be looking at, but all the same, this blog is not for kids.

So, I think that about gets us up to speed. Thoughts? Questions? 'Ludes?


Birdie said...

Re: foreclosure- what the fucking fuck! what a bunch of shittymortgage douches. i'm so sorry.

Re: the ex's- again with the DOUCHES. i'm so sorry you guys have to deal with that kind of stuff!

i love this blog. you are handsdown one of the coolest chicks in cyberspace :-) xoxo

WES said...

Well, sorry to hear about the house. Really. But, I am here to discuss other things. First.. I did not threaten him, I just told him I was coming by to talk, because he had not called or come by to see his kids but a couple of times in over 2 mnths. I have no problem with Jason as long as he treats his children like a FATHER should.
Second...as for as your blog..this is your problem. If you have told the kids everything you have written here about them, then why did they cry so hard when they read it if they had already heard it? They found what you wrote about them while they were looking up the wedding photos on their own. THEY do not want to see you because of what YOU WROTE ABOUT THEM! Talking about punching kids in the face after putting a mussle on them is fucking sick. You are fucked in the head. OH, and this IS WES. I do not hide behind false names. I did not write your ass before and I will tell you when I do. I AM NOT afraid of you. GOOD DAY.

Thom said...

WES is a D O U C H E B A G, and a loser. (see above)

I've been gone too long. Please know that even when I'm not posting, I'm thinking about what is going on in your life and always wishing you well. Even when you have a DOUCHE BAG WES (that's not even a REAL name, WES...) that follows you around and thinks he's a real father. But we all know better.

We also know that you are a good person despite the forces that rally against you. Look up. Pray when you need to, drink when you WANT to, and remember we've got your back.

Be well, take care, and all that stuff.

Anonymous said...

my my.. wherever do you find like these for friends? you have such potential to do more, yet you waste time on them and partying. you have no one to blame but yourself in all these situations.

but in the situations with the ex's.. they have just as much of an opinion as you do on here. neither you, nor they, are right. just ignore them instead of trying to bash them. i mean.. seriously? internet bashing? shouldn't we leave that to the younger kids in the forums, flame wars get us no where, and often the "winner" of one is truly the loser.

next thing.. thom, im sure you are a great guy, loving family and all, most people pray day to day that they can reach that point in life. congrats.

but, i must ask something, do you actually know wes? yes? no? so i guess it's only fair to say that he is a loser, along with the other 5-6 billion other humans, perhaps?

we all are the asshole/douche-bag/losers.. i myself included, accept it, and move on.