Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'll need a matching helmet for my scooter.

It's a big weekend at work- we have several weddings on Saturday and a big in-house event on Sunday, so everyone is a little crazy here. I've gotten to the point at work where I despise my job, despise most of the people I work with. I start out on the defense in the morning, and it can only go downhill from there. I think I want to work in Leeds and drive a Vespa. I would be cute on a Vespa. I could get a sidecar for Reed. And Jason. Jason and Reed can be my bitches.

Reed has entered some kind of sudden-death terrible twos stage without warning any of us first. He can be as happy as can be and will suddenly be writhing on the floor screaming, red-faced, saying no to any suggestion we make (and I try everything- popsicles, trips to the store, toys, movies and tv, sandwiches, cashews, gold monkeys, EVERYTHING). It is got Jason and me both on edge.

I am showing my jewelry to a local boutique on Thursday and have high hopes. Here's to optimism.

If anyone is interested in reading my article that was in the July issue of Lipstick magazine, just click here, scroll down, and click on "Top 10".

My birthday is Friday, and we're going to celebrate it Saturday, but I need suggestions. Karaoke? Bar? Restaurant? Kristi's house (would that be okay, Kristi?)?


Anonymous said...

We can do whatevah you want. I like my house and the people who would come. While it's not milestone like turning the big 2-9, it'll be my last day of my internship, so celebration can be increased.

I think you would all look fabulous on a Vespa. Alos, I would like to join your gang; I would like a mint green one...or pink!

Lindsey said...

I've been half-toying w/ the idea of buying a Vespa for a few months now. If I didn't have to make the drive down to Stepford everyday, I think I'd more seriously consider it. As it stands, I've decided that my phantom Vespa is pink -- baby pink -- w/ Hello Kitty decals. We could all get pink ones for all I care, but I totally got dibs on the HK.

Do you think they make Yo Gabba Gabba decals? Like, a little DJ Lance Rock face? B/c as much as I LOATHE that show, that would totally rule.

Anonymous said...

oooo, I call the Yo Gabba Gabba edition...or Muppets.

Still want the light green one.


PS I should start checking my grammar and spelling before hitting "publish."