Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finding God. At the age of almost-two.

So one of Reed's favorite passtimes at my mom's house is to play the piano. Sometimes he pokes the keys, and sometimes he bangs the keys with both hands. Recently, though, he's taken to running his hands up and down the keys, from one end of the piano to the other, and he gets so excited when he does it that he ends up screeching, breathing heavily, and stomping his feet.

Last Sunday he was in the midst of it, standing on the piano bench and really getting down on the keys when he suddenly stopped, slapped his knee, and yelled, "OH GOD!" and then went right back to running his hands up and down the keys.

If that's not getting taken up by the spirit, I don't know what is.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Now I wish I had seen that. I believe I would have been slain in the spirit. God bless him!