Wednesday, September 05, 2007

These are the boys I live with.

These are the boys I live with.
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Jason has decided that he'd rather not transfer to Nashville right now, and I support him in that decision. I had actually started to get more excited and less mournful about moving away, but it doesn't make sense for us right now, as we're eating beans out of the can and all showering at the same time to save money.

Kane seems to be dealing with middle school pretty well so far. He's kind of been keeping to himself lately. Someone very wise recently told me, "He'll find his niche. Don't worry." So I'm trusting that advice for the time being.

Jude is... Jude. He's leaving his homework at school and forgetting EVERYTHING including the rules and doing flips and making friends and suggesting large, expensive pieces of electronics we could buy to make the house a little more entertaining. The word "no" is becoming the soundtrack of my life.

Reed. Today on the way home from daycare I said, "Did you have fun at school today?" "Schoo." "Did you have a good day?" "Day." "Do you want to sing?" "Nope." Do you want to count to ten?" "Nope." "Do you want some juice?" "JUICE!"


Lindsey said...

It's good to know that at least one person listens when I talk.

Love you.

steph, dog washer said...

i like juice too. and i'm glad you aren't moving yet. (sue me, i'm selfish) love you guys.

Anonymous said...

The new family shots are beautiful, and I really mean that. You guys are very lucky, in spite of beans and shared showers.


Thom said...

I only like sharing my showers with women.

Oh, right, and my ducky.