Friday, September 05, 2008

Spring cleaning, delayed.

I gave myself the task of totally cleaning out Kane and Jude's room yesterday. It was my "I don't have a job, I don't have shit to do, what of it?" assigment.


They cleaned it before they left last time, and they "made" their beds which really just means they piled all the sheets and covers on top of the beds. The picture above is what it looked like after I changed the sheets, MADE the beds, and swept everything out from underneath them. I can't express to you what a mess it was- popsicle wrappers, cracker wrappers, pretzels, q-tips, dirty socks, clean shirts. And in their drawers and closets every kind of clothing was shoved into every kind of place. I am a square: I think that socks and underwear belong with other socks and underwear, jeans hang in the closet, marbles and Yu Gi Oh cards don't go with your t-shirts. Square.


I spent four hours yesterday cleaning and organizing their room. I threw away five full garbage bags full of shit, and donated one garbage bag full of clothes to Goodwill.


Afterwards I felt cleansed.


They still have toys, but they are where they belong. They have a much larger collection of books than I thought. They each have about 500 pairs of socks and underwear. There are actual empty shelves. I got rid of so much garbage that there are shelves with nothing on them.


I spent a long time just hanging out in their room yesterday, because it is now the cleanest room in the house. I think I might just move in to their room.


I have overhauled their room and Reed's room. Next is ours.

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Thom said...

Oh lord, but I hated it when my mom cleaned my room. There was a lot of "where is my ___" and "you threw that away?!" bitchin' and moanin'. But I got over it. The room does look good though.

Next light a candle or burn some incense in the room or some other kind of, what we call in my family, "foofy smell". The boys will l o v e it. Trust me. *snicker*