Monday, September 29, 2008

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We took Reed to the zoo for the very first time yesterday. He REALLY loved it. We only got around to about half of the zoo; he is a little person with short legs, plus it was hot we were sweaty, so after about two hours he asked if we could go home.

I have come down with the plague, complete with sinus headaches, chest pain, and mouth-breathing.

These past few days I've spent a lot of time with a couple of girls who I don't see very often. I'm sorry for the circumstances, but thankful for the closeness. It has been really nice.

I watched the presidential debate last Friday with friends, and we all raised our eyebrows or chuckled or pishawed at the same parts. I particularly enjoyed how McCain's eyes bug out when he gets pissed off. This Thursday we're watching the V.P. debate with the same folks, and I'm excited about it.

Still no job-offers. FOR THE LOVE OF SHIT. I did, however, get to visit wonderful Bug Tussel, Alabama today. I want to move there.


Amanda said...

They actually have a wiki article for Bug Tussle, can you believe it-,_Alabama

Hope you made it around the curve okay, I saw tire marks and thought of you guys.

Anonymous said...

good lord child, i worry about you! seems like you're sick all the time! what are we going to do with you??? ever tried funneling chicken noodle soup?

Anonymous said... if you funnel chicken soup would you have a couple of burly guys lift your legs up while you hold on to the edge of the soup can and take huge gulps of chicken noodle?