Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Random thought: Why don't people flush? I mean, what goes on in someone's head that makes them go, "NO WAY am I flushing this when I get through. THIS deserves to be seen."

One week to Costa Rica, you unlucky bitches (unless of course you are Kristi, Chris, or Jason; in that case you are one lucky bitch... or three, whatever).

Don't forget I've started a movie blog that's coming along nicely.


Anonymous said...

"Studying philosophy taught me a lot about having an open mind, being able to appreciate lots of differing opinions all at once even if they don't line up with my own."

some jerk

buffy said...

Dude, I didn't say it was WRONG, I just said WHY do they have to do it.

The only good reason I can come up with it water conservation, which I get. At my house sometimes I don't flush every time I pee, because I pee a lot, so I save a LOT of water that way. But in a public toilet it is common courtesy to get rid of your waste before somebody else comes in trying to use the toilet.

Philosophy taught me openmindedness; my mama taught me courtesy.