Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One child, for sale to a good home. Or at least a home not close to mine.

So Reed is teething AGAIN. How many times is he going to do this? He's just doing it to irritate ME, I just know it. And I'm ready for him to stop now. Thank you.

He has spent the last two days crying, fussing, yelling his word of irritation- "MA!" - over and over again, and telling me with his eyes, "You MOTHERFUCKER I'm so sick of your shit!" Seriously.

I can't sit on the couch or the futon because if I do, Reed throws a fit to get up on the couch with me. That might not sound like a big deal, but he doesn't want to get up there and sit in my lap. He wants to get up there and root around, roll about, and generally nearly fall off of the couch over and over again. This wears me out, so I just won't sit there in the first place.

I sit in the rocking chair. If I cross my legs, he immediately stops what he's doing and throws a fit, because my legs being in the crossed position is not condusive to him standing between my knees and alternating biting me, slapping me, and screaming at me. If he's on the floor, he wants me to pick him up. As soon as I pick him, he throws a fit to be put down. If I play with his toys, smile at him, or try to cheer him up in any way, he gets pissed. IT IS A ROLLER COASTER WITH NO LINE, NO WAITING, PEOPLE, step right up. I have a child who cannot be consoled and is mad that I'm trying to console him and is mad that I haven't consoled him and is mad that I exist at any moment in time in any radius of him or his things.



Jason said...

I hear you on the teething bit. For awhile it seemed like Ben was constantly producing a new tooth. He has 8 so far and has given us a few weeks break with no new teeth. But we can see his canines budding, so I'm sure we'll be back to unexplained crankiness soon.

It's kind of funny when we put orajel on his gums though, because he starts playing with his tongue and lips more because they're numb.

Aunt Suzie said...

Just keep saying to yourself, "This too shall pass." Believe me, it will. In fact, some day, and quicker than you think, you'll be wishing these days were back. Really. NO, REALLY!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think I've heard in the olden days they'd give the baby a little nip of whiskey...ahh, the good old days.