Friday, May 25, 2007


Originally uploaded by buffpuff
Today Reed had some Peeps for breakfast- white, marshmallowy sugar goodness with some green sugar goodness on top. He seriously LOVES the Peeps.

And, to think, I had the audacity to complain about Mary feeding Kane and Jude cotton candy for breakfast. The woman is a genius.


Anonymous said...

Aw jeez...he's looking more and more like an Agan. I super like this pic because I can imagine him as a kid (as opposed to a baby). Sigh...growing up!


stephanie, pinata maker said...

smart kid. I love the peeps. how many did he eat? and how bad was his sugar crash?

Jason, the one who says things said...

Well Lucky Charms has marshmallows in it so I suppose it is kind of like breakfast food... How old are those Peeps? From Easter? Or are they making them for Memorial Day now?

Lindsey said...

MAN. Could he look more like Jude in this picture?