Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today is my 28th birthday.

Honestly, birthdays have just never freaked me out. I was excited to turn 16 so I could drive. I was excited to turn 18 so I could totally be an adult and say "screw you" to my parents, which actually amounted to staying out late and arguing with my mom on the phone sometimes until two or three in the morning, when I would finally give up and go home. I was excited to turn 21 so I could finally find out what it was like to drink the alchohol.

Because I totally never drank before I turned 21.

Anyway, beyond that, ages have never really meant that much to me. Kristi turned 28 just a couple of weeks ago, and she jokingly said (I hope she was joking) that "we're approaching the age where we won't have anything else to look forward to." After Lindsey and I beat her about the neck and shoulders, she was like, "seriously, it's all downhill from here". Lindsey, whose 28th birthday is in about two weeks, has been saying that 28 is just one year closer to 29 and OH SHIT we're about to be 30 like, any minute now. For some reason it just doesn't bother me.

I mean, in a lot of ways, I still think of myself as, like, 20 or something. I still FEEL like a young person, and when I see old episodes of Friends when they're supposed to be 25 or 26, I still think of them as older than I am. But in a lot of ways it just doesn't occur to me whether I'm old or young or middle-aged or what.

Besides, when Jason turned 30 (which was, like, 20 years ago or something) we had an awesome party. We drank a lot of random stuff, like peppermint schnapps with hershey's syrup, and blew up pies with firecrackers. AWESOME, I said. If we can have a party like that, there's no way 30 will seem scary.


stephanie said...

yeah, i never thought it would bother me and now 6 months til 30 feels like a big anvil of cellulite and wrinkles is about to smash me. But I'm not being dramatic. Its just that I'll need lots of liquor on that fateful day. And Hersheys Syrup probably wouldn't hurt.

stephanie said...

oh and lemme say it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! see you at the office lounge Friday ni-zight. Bring your "Dutty Laundry" CD and we'll pop lock and drop it.

prognostication said...

Things to look forward to...
new jobs, new kids, kids saying fuck you to you, kids driving, kids drinking, paying for kids college, bunions, arthritis, Korsakoff's syndrome, retirement, kids having kids, ad nauseum, dying.

Lindsey said...

29 just sounds, like, a BILLION times older than 28, and 28 sounds ANCIENT when compared to 27, and my god, my ovaries are withering just thinking about it and I mean, what else is there left to do but die? I mean, really. God.

Now where'd I leave my Botox?