Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Up yonder. In Isbelltown.

Up yonder.
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I had to take a picture of this sign.

Recently I was talking about religion and Christianity specifically with a couple of people, and I was thinking how excited I would be to be sitting there in heaven when people started showing up. And, even, how excited I would be to get there and give a few people a knowing "I told you so" look, such as Kurt Cobain and John Lennon and Andy Thompson.

This may sound pretty presumptuous of me to assume that I'll go there, that I have some sort of golden ticket that guarantees my passage through the pearly gates, but I figure Jesus saves and my ass needs some saving right about now, expecially from an eighteen-month-old baby who has hit the terrible twos early seeing as how he's so advanced and mature and shit, which just means that he's already eating dirt and rocks and screaming when I force him, the mean bitch that I am, not to stick things into electrical sockets and eat dirt and pour as much bathwater as possible onto the floor.


stephanie, former biology major said...

Dirt has, like, minerals in it and stuff. You ARE a Bich.

candice said...

you do know that the bible says that you will not know anyone in heaven. relationships and family are structure made to help you on earth.
so, even if you were right, a. you would know anyone to be able to give them the told you so look, and b. (if he killed himself) kurt cobain wouldn't be there anyway.

Jason said...

Well dang. I was hoping I could meet Mr. Wizard there.

buffy said...

Oops, I think you took everything I said too literally, but you also take everything the bible says literally, so I guess that's a compliment.

I personally have never thought that every single part of the bible must be taken literally in order to consider yourself to be a Christian. The bible was written by lots of different people a very very long time ago, and has been translated several times. Each person who wrote it had their own feelings and their own take on the situation, and may have felt that certain events were very important while others could be left out entirely. What I'm saying is that I personally think that every single word of the bible shouldn't be taken to be literal and true, and the fact that it was written by fallable human beings means that it could be skewed by the person's own thoughts and beliefs and preconceptions and desires.

Some people think that God led the hands of the people who wrote the bible, so it is actually the word of God. I'm not one of those people, and I don't think that it says that anywhere in the bible, and even if it did, how would we know that the person didn't just add that in so that they would be taken seriously?

I'm completely okay with other people's beliefs; if you think that every word in the bible is literal and true, that's okay with me. It's just not what I believe.

I think that what's important in the bible is Jesus' message, which is to love and forgive and try all the time to be a good person- that's what I take from it.

Which verse is that, and in which book is it, where it talks about how you won't know anyone in heaven?

candice said...

i am pretty sure it is in deuteronomy, but i will find it.

Jason, heaven is too scary for me said...

A role...like in a play? What would someone called "up yonder" do?

I looked up some descriptions and it sounds pretty scary. You know, the typical four beasts with six sets of wings flying around god while the chosen few spend their time genuflecting and praising how great god is. I think I'll be happy in purgatory or the void. Of course I would miss out on meeting Metatron, who might be Yahweh or his twin, but I guess that would have to torment me for eternity.

Lindsey said...


candice said...

matthew 22. it is not quite as descript as i thought it was.