Saturday, June 30, 2007

Turn and face the change.

Another thing I did, I put on my old uniform, the one with the epaulets and funny lopsided hat. I always hated that fucking hat, it never fit me and always made my face look like it was on crooked. I put it on and rubbed the entire thing with peanut butter, hat, jacket, pants and all. I went to the garage and opened a forty pound bag of bird seed and doused myself liberally. I walked six blocks to the park, laid down, and waited.

This guy is an old friend of mine.


jason, was it crunchy or creamy said...

Don't think I could fit into my old boy scout uniform. I loved those berets too. Interesting description of a performance art-like piece. Sort of like Joseph Beuys with that dead rabbit and honey.

Franny Ramey said...

Much better than Salvador Dali. He rubbed himself with dead fish and lay in the backyard to let flies crawl around on him. This was for inspiration.