Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not even kidding.

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This week has been really, awfully, terribly long, filled with thinking, re-thinking, fearing, raging, planning, calculating, researching, puking, bleeding, drinking, and then fearing and thinking and planning some more.

In other words, you have not wanted to be around me this week. Someone send Jason and Kristi a medal- they spent a lot of time with me this week.

I'm looking back on pictures from our show and trying to relive the happiness, the carefreeness, the feeling that things are good and will continue to get better.

This picture has most of my most favorite girls in it. DON'T EVEN GET PISSED OF IF YOU'RE NOT IN THE PICTURE AND WANT TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE GIRLS. I have others. These are must most of 'em.


Anonymous said...

That photobooth was a wonderful idea. I thought you were incredibly pleasant all week! You were certainly vodka free.

Should I get out more? :)


Anonymous said...

if you are getting out, you better give me a call! although i work til thurs night, i'm off all weekend.. much love. xoxo steph