Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the proving of points.

So Kane and Jude's mom called them last night on Jude's cellphone- DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED OF COURSE I KNOW HE'S TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A CELLPHONE- and I overheard both Jude and Kane saying something about how Fridays were pretty much "off days" for them and they could "totally" miss that day and it wouldn't matter, etc. Being as shameless of an enforcer as I am, I immediately brought it up with them after they got off the phone.

Turns out she figured it would be a GREAT idea if they went to her house a day early (Thursday instead of Friday) so they could go to the MIDNIGHT PREMIERE of Ironman. ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. Because they can just totally miss school on Friday. Since it's an off day and all.

Listen, I am not nearly as much of an over-reactor or hard-ass or wet blanket as I may seem on this blog. But FOR THE LOVE OF MY SANITY, PLEASE, PEOPLE. Right when she is saying they ought to be living with her during the school year, right when I have already been re-iterating to folks that one of the main reasons that Kane and Jude live with us is that they missed school all the time when they lived with her, right when she expects us to agree with her that it would be in their best interests to totally change school systems and daily routines, THEN SHE DOES THIS.

Nevermind the fact that Jude has a field trip on Friday that we've already paid for. Nevermind the fact that Jude missed so many days from the flu and the ear infection he had the next week that now he has to have a doctor's excuse to miss any more. Nevermind the GLARING OBVIOSITY of his EIGHTNESS (because, and I'm sorry to be such a square, but really? An eight-year-old at a midnight premiere?).

Thank you, mom, for proving my point. This list I'm making titled "Reasons Why This Plan Is Ludicrous" just got one item longer.


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Anonymous said...

Why don't you and Jason just say a polite "no" to her plans, and let her be the one to take it to court, if she wants to.

buffy said...

I wish it was that easy. When Jason divorced the kids' mom several years ago, the original custody agreement was that they had shared custody with their mom as the primary care giver. Jason has 50% say-so in medical decisions, but everything else was pretty much up to Mary. Then when things started going badly with the Vestavia school system and Mary wasn't doing such a hot job, Jason told her that he thought the kids should come to live with us. She turned them over to us, which is going to work in our favor, but her viewpoint is that she has primary custody in the original legal agreement so she can decide whatever she wants. It's a big mess, and she's stubborn as hell, so she'll press this as far as she can. As a result, we have to be the ones to call a lawyer, since she is registering them for school in another town and county and just saying "It's my decision. I've already made up my mind."

buffy said...
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Thom said...

Throw water on her maybe she'll melt.