Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Breaking news from ET Online.

From this article:

Sources tell ET that last Thursday, Cloris was in the car with her son George, heading home from the 15th Annual Lint Roller Party for animals that they had attended. She turned to him and said she wasn't feeling very well. Cloris, who is 82, had recently been had a cold and had been having trouble breathing, so he took her to the hospital, and they went to the emergency room.

Okay, first, the 15th Annual Lint Roller Party? Somebody explain this to me. I know I could Google it, but this is more fun.

Second, she had recently been had a cold? Do these sites really have no copy editors, or grammar checkers, or PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE ENGLISH?


Anonymous said...

Lint roller party for animals? I think some people use those "tape" lint rollers to de-shedify their pets.

I think kat used them to clean her hair when she didn't feel like washing it.

Ticked in Trussville said...

Y'know what absolutely SUCKS?? Is that the person who wrote that APPALLING article? HAS A JOB.