Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I brought my iPod to work today, along with some earbuds.

Today's playlist, in the order listened:

Ben Folds, Rockin' the Suburbs
Favorites: Annie Waits, Gone

Weezer, Pinkerton
Favorites: Good Life, Tired of Sex, Butterfly

Vandals, Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
Favorites: I know, huh?, Money's Not An Issue, I've Got An Ape Drape

Strokes, Is This It
Favorites: Someday, Alone Together

Spoon, Mix CD
Favorites: I Turn My Camera On, I Summon You, Was It You?

Rufus Wainwright, Poses
Favorites: Greek Song, California, Grey Gardens

Pixies, Doolittle
Favorites: Here Comes Your Man (I can't help myself), Mr. Grieves, Hey

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