Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meh. I'm not feeling great this past couple of weeks, and I can't come up with much good to say. I've been trying to be really positive lately, and I think I've used it all up for the time being.

Three weeks from right now I will be on a plane to Fort Lauderdale on my first leg of travel to Costa Rica. Here's to that.


Anonymous said...

You are obviously in need of intense PCT.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Imagine a pork chop. Now imagine that there is a round hole in its center. Let your mind insert a pork sausage into the hole. Now you have a pork chop with a sausage mast. Haul in the hashbrown anchor and unfurl the delicious sails of bacon as they fill with a light ocean breeze. The pork chop boat takes to the waves of gravy and rocks gently back and forth back and forth. Floating off into the sunset you pass a biscuit island and wave to the native butter pats who live there.

Open your eyes and notice how you have had a wave of calm flow through your body.

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful day.

some jerk.
developer of Pork Chop Therapy (PCT)

Anonymous said...

I like the PCT. I think I've heard it before... I'm feeling better about all the work I have to do today.
At least it's hump day and the weekend will arrive soon.