Friday, February 20, 2009

This morning I discovered that someone had searched yahoo for "women who have sex using icecycles" and, for what reason I know not, it brought them to my blog here.

This amused me to no end, so I've added a little section down there to the left titled "Search Engine Terms That Bring People Here". I'll update it as funny stuff rolls in.

I think I'm getting too many gadgets over there, but I really like all of 'em so for right now they're all staying.


Anonymous said...

That's nuts. Is it even spelled correctly? Hilarious. Do you have a secret post someplace?


Anonymous said...

It would be hard enough (that's what she said) to have sex on a bicycle much less one made out of ice.

Now I know to start typing in weird searches just so I can be immortalized in your blog.

some jerk

Anonymous said...

Well now I know that searching for hiney capes leads to links to a girls soccer team and an infant toddler store.

Hope it shows up.

some jerk.

buffy said...

It's spelled exactly like I spelled it there. It cracks me up firstly that some person was like, "Hey, I'd like to find some pictures of chicks and ice" and secondly that when they search that on yahoo, it links to my blog. The internet is priceless.