Friday, September 08, 2006

In which I say bad things about my boss.

My boss has the habit of going, "Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" in this very exasperated way, much like Napoleon Dynamite. She does this about 147 times a day.

"Have you seen that woman who comes up here wearing such a short skirt? HHHHHHHHHHH!!"

"That girl STILL hasn't returned all those inter-library loan books. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Our neighbor wants us to water her plants again while she's out of town. Hhhhhhhhhhhh."

I don't know how she doesn't hyperventilate and pass out, bumping her head on the way down on one of the MILLION book trucks surrounding my desk filled with rare books or gift books that I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK ON until I'm done with whatever else she deams to be more important than MY JOB that they pay me to do.

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