Monday, February 04, 2008

Working together.

Mm, fighting with Kane and Jude's mom about whether or not she's going to grow up and take care of her kids every now and then is just so refreshing. I was going to write out the entire exchange, but suffice it to say that she wants to let us do all the work even though we each actually work 40 hours a week AT JOBS, and then take care of three children; the fact that we worry about bus schedules, field trips, lunch money, homework, and clean underwear with absolutely no financial assistance from her isn't enough. She also feels like if the kids are sick we should be calling in to take them to the doctor and feed them chicken soup. While she sits at home and smokes cigarettes and buys cars.

Nice, huh?

I was thinking today that I'm ready for a new tattoo, and I'd like to find something lovely that somehow represents my most recent resolution- that I'm going to start letting people know if they're hurting my feelings or wronging me in some way. And then it hit me- I just need a big tattoo of a bird. Right on my forehead. Obviously I'm not talking about Tweety here; I need a good old-fashioned, long, skinny, erect middle finger right in the middle of my head.

Because, really, it would save me so much time, breath, and energy to be able to just show people what I'm thinking in the first place.


Thom said...

I just wish I could be so full of myself to only smoke and buy things and not worry about my progeny.

I have an idea; some how knock out miss priss (I hear certain drugs work pretty good for that) and put the tattoo on HER head. So then she can see every day how YOU feel about her. Yeah, that'd be nice.

Please take pictures.

Birdie said...

A+ on the tattoo idea. I was going to get "Piss Off" on my forehead but I like your idea better. ;-)

some jerk said...

Well this is a double-edged sword if I have ever seen one. On the one hand you want some help. Why should you and Jason be solely responsible for Kane and Jude? On the other hand, I don't think I would trust my kids with a woman like that. Then of course you have to take Kane and Jude's feelings into account. I do not envy your position.

Regarding the tattoo... I don't know. Seems like you would want to be specific about who you give the bird to. I would stick to my actual hands. You see with your hands not only can direct your anger you can adjust the intensity. You can have a regular bird, under the arm, or even the double bird.

I think you should get a tattoo of a velveteen rabbit wearing a feathered headress and holding a bow and arrow or maybe some cigars.