Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two random things I forgot about Costa Rica:

1. You aren't supposed to flush your toilet paper; instead you're supposed to put it in the garbage can, no matter what you have just wiped on it. This made for some stinky garbage.

2. We had a monkey attack during the night! We had a tendency to leave things on our front porch on the picnic table, including Jason's journal, cigarettes, lighters, hot sauce, and water bottles. One morning Jason got up and everything was strown about the yard. There are teeny bite marks in his journal. We could hear the howler monkeys every day around dusk and dawn; their roars were pretty creepy

FUCKING ALAGASCO, I HATE YOUR GODDAMN GUTS. Last week I paid half of what we owed. Yesterday they cut off our gas and left us a sweet little note saying we owe $604. I went onto our account online and WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE it says we owe $154, just like I thought. As I got paid today, I went ahead and paid the $154 and then called Alagasco.

Bitch says we have to pay a FUCKING $400 DEPOSIT ON ACCOUNT OF THEY CUT THE GAS OFF EVEN THOUGH I MADE A PAYMENT. I went back and forth with her saying "Our online account doesn't say anything about a deposit. I have paid the balance. Now our online account says we owe nothing." She kept saying we had to pay the deposit because they cut the gas off. I said we made a payment, we shouldn't have been disconnected. She said we didn't pay in full, so they cut it off.

Finally I said "I WILL NOT PAY YOU $400 TO CUT MY GAS BACK ON WHEN I MADE A PAYMENT LAST WEEK AND A PAYMENT THIS MORNING AND NOW IT SAYS I OWE ZERO." So she said, "Okay. Is there anything else I can help you with today? Thanks for using our services."

So now we don't have heat or hot water. The heat may not be a big deal if this warm weather continues, but no hot water? WHAT THE FUCK?


Birdie said...

Ugh. I know the pioneers lived without it or whatever but no hot water? Bullshit.

Monkey story: My little brother went to visit a girlfriend in Mozambique (she was in the peace corps) and he was broke so he camped in a tent a big portion of the time. One night he heard a bunch of loud thudding and scuffling outside his tent- said it was like a troop of kids breakdancing in the dirt or something. Poked his head out and there were, like, 20 baboons surrounding him. Said he was scared shitless but they seemed to be having a pretty good time.

Anonymous said...

I flushed my paper the whole time!! I think I threw, like, two in the trash. I could not do it...

Um--So, there was no resolution, the lady just said, "Is there anything else..."? You should ask to speak to a supervisor. I mean, you can't go without hot water...

buffy said...

The resolution was that I told her to fuck herself, hung up and fumed for a few minutes, then called back and spoke to somebody different.

The different lady still said I had to pay it, period. I told her I had three kids, I told her that I have had this account for nine years, I told her that we didn't have hot water without gas, I told her several of our financial difficulties we've had recently, and I told her that paying that deposit would take half my paycheck.

Still had to pay it. So we'll have hot water again TOMORROW since they don't do same-day cut-ons. ASSHOLES.