Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, really, I just have to say something. I don't know if any of you keep up with my little section over there called "Search Engine Terms That Bring People Here", and I don't know if you understand what that means or how it works. Here's a short explanation from a person who is pretty much a tech-dumby (me): let's say you go to Google and search for Etsy, and the first link that comes up is Etsy and you click on it and it takes you to Etsy. Okay, let's say you type in something less specific, like "boot cut jeans". After a few sponsored links, there's a link to an article on Wikipedia called "jeans" and then a link to the Levi's website, etc. etc. etc.

Well, apparently if you search "sexy old ladies" or "porn appendectomy" or "flu sex", one of the links in the list that comes up is to this blog, this one right here, and someone somewhere has actually searched these terms and ended up at my blog.

So I'm looking through this morning for anything new or interesting that all you FUCKED UP weirdos have been looking for on the World Wide Web, and someone is looking for "sexy douche pictures". And, you know, I figured I'd help a brotha out (It has to be a dude, right?).

Looking for a sexy douche can be a tricky, tricky thing.

Perhaps you're looking for the douche who might need help turning door-knobs:

Or maybe a gap-toothed douche:

Black douche:

A couple of white douchi:

Many, many douchi:

A very rich douche:

An inexperienced, future-rich douche:

Two of the stupidest douchi you've ever seen:

A couple of ironic douchi:

No really:

And then of course there is the reigning Doucho Supremo:

Sexy douche pictures: you're welcome. I like to be helpful.


Anonymous said...

Ha! This should be a semi-regular feature--not just douches, know...mind cannot function anymore.

La Rêveuse said...

Um, douche means shower in France. Hopefully it was that. *shudder*