Friday, February 02, 2007

"Hey you might even get a better job because suddenly you are a minority."

I have to take a moment to say I love you guys, you guys who read this. There are some real gems in the comments lately. These are some of my favorites:

Have you considered going with a Martha Stewart pre-lit tree? Not only are they practical and beautiful, but knowing Martha, they are fortified with 17 essential vitamins and nutrients!

No kids. Okay. Got it.

at least i have balls!

Sometimes the best answer is to say something in your head, revel in your own insight and brillance, and then let it stay there until it can be replaced by your next brilliant idea. But then again, how we end up with such interesting blog entries. Anyway, I'm off to reflect on how I too would like to make sweet man love to that guy who hosts O'Reilly (who incidentally is O'Reilly).

I know that I am just some guy on the internet and all, but please seek professional help.

seriously you like mexican food in almost a creepy kind of way.

I could maybe get you out of a constructive possession charge.

I wonder if REAL indians can do math.

Hope all of your readers don't catch Scarlet fever like that little boy did.

Regarding toilet training, hey as long as they don't cross their streams a nuclear meltdown shouldn't happen (unless of course you're trying to close a portal to another dimension and a scary guy named gozer is nearby).

I suspect, however, that if someone can make peeing into a white porcelain bowl fun they could do the same for hanging jackets.

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