Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anyone know of any good job openings?

So, life is taking a drastic but not altogether unwanted turn over here at Casa de Agan.

I got fired on Wednesday because of this blog. The director and a lady from human resources let me know that I had left them with no choice but to let me go. They said that because I had mentioned the name of my place of employment, as well as the name of a faculty member, and because I had mentioned a parent (not by name, just used the words "a parent"), they could be sued and they had no other option than to fire me. They said that because I talked about my job, I had to go.

I'd like to be able to say that I fought it, that I tried to explain that, not only had I never said anything derogatory about the place as a whole or their practices or policies, but also that surely I have some right to express my goofy-ass opinions about my daily life. But, in fact, I sat there nodding my head, mouth hanging open, and every now and then uttering, "Okay."

So, I spent Wednesday afternoon TOTALLY FREAKING OUT on the inside, and smiling on the outside along with deep breaths and large sips of beer. I felt like a total failure, like an idiot, like I had totally disrespected my husband and children by being such a moron.

In the days since then, I've done a few things. I've applied for a couple of jobs. I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned- mopped and scrubbed and swept and laundered. I have discovered that my husband has a profound ability to support me unconditionally, and I continue to love and respect him more every day because of that. Also he makes really good bread.

I've gone back in my blog and removed any mention by name of my employer or anyone who worked with me. And I just want to say that amounted to 4 posts, 4 posts out of 92 that had a name in them. It might not even be necessary at this point, now that they've fired me, to remove that information but I figured it would be the best move on my part. Plus, I wanted to be able to talk about this change, this one right here, so I thought making my ex-employer anonymous might make that a little more tolerable for them.

And you all can remain calm- I'm not going to start shouting phrases like "constitutional rights" and words like "violated". I'm sure they were well within their rights in firing me; Alabama doesn't have a lot of restrictions an an employer's right to get rid of you any time they feel so inclined. But something does seem wrong somehow that I can be canned just for talking about my daily life.

But, it's onward and upward. I feel better every day knowing that I can get through this, and that I have the love and support of my family in the meantime. Plus this time gives me a chance to get my alchohol tolerance back up to it's previous equivalent with that of an 800 lb. trucker. See? It's all in how you use the time you've got.


Anonymous said...

Oh Buffy! That's awful! Who knew they would be looking at it, firstly, and secondly, who knew they could or would fire you because you are venting online! I know you are probably trying to recoop, so I won't say too much. What assholes, though. Hey! I hate my job, maybe I should start a blog! -- can you get unemployment?? Ok, I'm sorry, I'm sure you are still very sensitive. How would you like to come over and drink beer?? Give me a call, doll. Stephanie. said...

Came over from a comment from Stacey on ...and I wasted all that birth control. I am so sorry about your job! That's just terrible and so so so wrong. Have you thought abt applying for unemployment insurance and then when they claim they fired you for cause, arguing that it was not good cause? All the best to you. Mary

profanglophilia said...

Found my way here through Cecily. I too was dooced for a blog... from an academic position. I never mentioned my employer or colleagues by name... never even used my own name... but a student using my computer found the blog copied it... and well, the rest is an ugly history.

I'm happy to be here for you if you need an ear... it was a very dark time for me as even though I understood why I was fired, I still felt as though my blog was, well, *my* blog and as I did not write the blog about my job but about my life (job was only part of it) the whole thing seemed increasingly unfair as time wore on.

Coral said...

Oh, how awful for you, I was dismissed unfairly about 4 years ago (someone just had it in for me). I did get paid out 6 months salary, but it still leaves a really bad taste in your mouth. I know you are in shock right now, and I wish I could give you a hug.

I am thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

You don't suppose that the reaons you got fired were because you were blogging on company time, using their equipment for your personal gain? Just a thought, considering many of your "blogs" were posted during average office hours...when most people are at work? If it couldn't have been proven that those things were done on company time, you probably would still be at that job, scrubbing coffee pots and still drinking the motor oil that is brewed in them.

buffy said...

In response to anonymous, yes, I would have thought that would have something to do with it. But I was told that "the fact that you mentioned the [institution of higher learning] and a parent leaves me with no choice but to let you go." Also, plenty of the people I worked with used their computers for personal purposes- selling stuff on ebay, solitaire, etc. So if that's why they fired me, they got plenty more firin' to do.

overactive-imagination said...

Wow anonymous...asshole much??

I think it's a load of crap..this firing people for things they've said in their blogs. I think unless you outright commit slander against your company, give up some secret damn recipe or break some sort of HIPAA law that this firing bit is bullshit...but such is life I guess. Did you look back in your stats to see what phrase they used to google you or how they found you...just curious.

I tend to think that everything happens for a reason so I'm sure there is something much better waiting around the corner for you. Until then....Enjoy your time off. :o)