Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Miracle growed.

I've got a job interview tomorrow. I hope all goes well. After the interview, I'll tell you guys the name of the company and the names of all the people who work there along with some company secrets and scandals. HA. Just kidding. I'm going to find a much more creative way of getting fired this time, because getting fired because of your blog is SO five minutes ago.

It is so nice to have a semi-tolerable baby back again. The roseola thing definitely made me think seriously about making a sandwich sign that says "Don't have kids because they might get roseola and then you'll want to commit suicide by sticking your head into the garbage disposal." But then I started thinking that it would have to be a big sign to fit all that on there, and I'm pretty lazy, so I decided nevermind.

In other news, I have a whole lot of free time. I mean, there are entire days in which I just try and think of stuff to do that isn't "go to Target" and "clean the house", because you gotta mix it up, you know? It's always a bit of a race to the finish line, because I have to manage to take a shower at some point, and I have to be home by 3:30 for Kane and Jude, so there's this window of time in which I can do other things. Some days we go to the park, some days we ride around and take pictures, some days we see how many different things we can eat in one afternoon, like leaves, bark, dirt, rocks, and fertilizer. Tasty, huh? Maybe that's why Reed grows like a weed- all that fertilizer.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you oughtta just stop showering. I know if I had a good excuse like that I certainly would. Showering is for suckers! Viva la revolution!

PS You can Febreze your hair--I've done it. Also, baby wipes (I know you have some) work well for in between days...or weeks--Let's pretend we're French!

Jason, Leader of the Good Hygiene Oppression said...

That's really disgusting K-A-T (if that is your real name). I can smell the odiferous potpourri of psuedo-flowers, stale cigarettes, and beer already. Why not spray Lysol on your hair and everywhere else while you're at it? It will kill the germs too.