Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My baby got sauce; yo' baby ain't sweet like mine.

I met up with Kristi and Linnea yesterday for lunch at Bottletree, and it was really fantastic. I had the vegan chili (orgasm) and the roasted red pepper hummus (orgasm orgasm). The weather was just nice enough to sit outside and drink beers and smoke cigarettes and run our mouths. It was a nice afternoon, and something I needed. We all need to spend some time with our bitches sometimes.

Reed and I are both sick at this point. He's been feverish for a few days, so I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow. I hope he gets better as soon as possible, but he has been SO SNUGGLY for the past few days. We snoozed together on the couch for several hours this morning. It was so relaxing, and I'm sorry that he has to be sick in order for us to share this closeness.

So far I'm just blowing my nose all over the place; I'm crossing my fingers that it won't progress into nasty cough, misery, suicide by codeine cough syrup mode. We'll see.


lindsey said...

I hate I missed the festivities -- and the chili. Stupid work, always getting in the way. :(

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd been there too! It IS fun to get some face time with the bitches!
Buff--I hope Reed and you both get better soon! It's weird--as soon as it warms up every one gets sick.