Thursday, February 22, 2007

Party hats and even more baby Tylenol.

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We spent the afternoon at the park today. We ran around and reclined in the grass for a while, which was good for all our spirits. I took Reed to the doctor this morning, and he apparently has some sort of random phantom virus that gives him the fevah, and nothing else. His ears are great, his throat is great, his nose is great, his chest is great. His appetite has waned a bit over the last couple of days, and that's when I really started to worry since I usually have to feed him live, whole cows to keep him sated. But the doctor said he's fine, if a bit sedate.

So I'm looking forward to this weekend, which is a little funny because every day is like Saturday for a jobless wench such as myself. It's a nonstop party over here these days, and I am RSVPing YES.

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Anonymous said...

I am RSVPing for Saturday, too. Wheee! I'm glad little Reedy McGhee is doing better. Can't wait to hang out!