Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On Marting Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement.

I don't believe Dr. King, if he were here today, would say that police dogs and fire hoses are what he remembers of Birmingham in the 50s and 60s. I think he would say he remembers the brave people who shouted for freedom and demanded justice in the face of white-sheeted threats from cowardly terrorists, the heart-breaking heresy of burning crosses, and the danger of shotgun blasts in the night. I think Dr. King might consider Birmingham almost a mecca of the Civil Rights movement--a place where Freedom, once awakened, would never lapse back into its coma.

- From my aunt Susie's blog.


steph said...

she has a way with words.. as do you. you have a very artistic lineage. ;)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Thanks, Buffy, for the reference. And thanks to Step for the compliment.
--Aunt Suzie

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

P.S. Oh Hell! Where'd you get that picture???? I was just too hot, wasn't I?