Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And ineligible.

So the weather dudes around here are all talking about snow, and what's more they're talking about five inches of it. We very rarely get snow here in Alabama, and when we do it's usually just a tiny flurry that follows four or five days of intense bread- and milk-buying as well as urgings to stock up on batteries and blankets.

People freak out about snow here, and it usually never happens anyways. This morning I was telling a coworker who has only lived here for a couple of months how it almost never happens, how everyone gets very worked up and nearly panicked about it, and then it will suddenly be 75 degrees outside, when another coworker who has lived here all her life chimed in with, "Actually, Buffy, this time they're saying it's real and serious." And I'm thinking, "Oh, THIS time it's real, unlike all those other times it's been real and serious but NOTHING HAPPENS." I'm sure that now that I've thought this we'll have some sort of blizzard, a SNOWSTORM rivaling the great snowstorm of '93 (or was it '94?) when we were stuck at home for a few days with no power, unable to travel because of all the ice and snow, when we could make actual snowmen and snowballs and wear heavy coats and scarves and gloves and hats without breaking a sweat.

But probably not.

In other news instead of getting a new job from the place I had started the interview process with, I got a packet containing my credit report and a letter stating that I wasn't eligible to apply with them at this time because of it. Upon reading the letter I had immediate and intense feelings of nausea and panic, much like the way Alabamians react when they hear the word "snow". So now I have to write them a letter about all the inaccuracies in the the report (there were several) and the extenuating circumstances (there are several) and see if I can still pursue the job.

I find it to be heartwarming that I'm too poor to pay my debts, and as a direct result I can't apply for the jobs that would enable me to pay my debts. It's all just so very American.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

This is ridiculous. They can't discriminate because you're old or gay or black or one-legged--but they can not hire you for a bad credit report?!?? That's the stupidist thing I ever heard of. That would eliminate half the people in the country I bet--or more. What if you're a black one-legged old gay woman with a bad credit report? What would they do then? This is stupid, stupid, stupid!I never would have got a job before the age of 50 if they'd used that one on me. STUPID! --Aunt Suzie

Birdie said...

wtf? that's ridiculous. so sorry that happened to you.

Some jerk said...

Uggh. The letter or contacting the company sounds like the best thing you can do. You should also contact the agency that conducted the credit report for them and report the inaccuracies since you would want to clear that up. You will probably have to provide them copies of your bills, cancelled checks, or letters from the companies to show that it was inaccurate.

If that doesn't work, maybe you could tell them you are 1/16th actual Indian and 15/16ths velveteen. I've heard that playing the race/textile card sometimes helps out in these situations.

Unsympathetic in AL said...

Would you like a little cheese with that whine????

sj said...

your snow pictures are beautiful. i can't wait to go to your flicker. and holy damn about the job. life has a way of kicking your ass even when you are SURE you have no ass left to kick. i can sympathize, i assure you. i miss Buffy. Can we hang out soon?