Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Time, time, time- see what's become of me?

Well then, back to reality, right?

I'm starting my interview process tomorrow for a new job. Tonight I'm sacrificing a young female virgin to the gods in accordance with the ancient rules so that I may get this new job. Or perhaps I'll just cross my fingers. Either way.

Reed and I are still in the process of getting well. I tell you, I've been saying b's for m's for a couple of weeks at this point. After a while it ceases to amuse me.

Tonight, I light a few candles and drink a beer and visualize the days when I didn't worry day in and day out about money and bills and survival. I'm trying to will that time back into existence. It's either that or set the house on fire when no one's in it and blame it on my straightening iron.

Whatever works, eh?

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some jerk said...

Hope everything went well with the interview...