Thursday, January 10, 2008

Part Three.

Here's part one, and here's part two.

Age Eleven: My mom and I drive from Leeds to Santa Fe, New Mexico; it's a two-and-a-half day drive. At one point I'm eating sugar buttons in the back seat and singing Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall, and I get to -47. My mother must be made out of Prozac and kitten fur to have enjoyed this trip.

Age Twelve: I have left the Leeds school system and am attending my second year at a school where the majority is upper-middle class. They wear really nice clothes and carry expensive purses and wear expensive make-up. The only person I really like there is my biology teacher who is Cajun and tells us stories about being in Vietnam and having to drink her own urine to survive.

Age Thirteen: I go back to Leeds and realize that I don't fit in there either as I spent the first two formative years of middle school at a different school. This forever marks me as weird and different in the eyes of the popular crowd at Leeds. I have my first real boyfriend, the only redhead I ever go out with until I marry Jason.

Age Fourteen: I once again leave the Leeds school system to go to Shades Valley RLC. They stress maturity and responsibility by not taking or requiring attendence in any of their classes. I flunk out in February.

Age Fifteen: I date boys. The main one is seventeen and has had sex before and says that something must be wrong with me because I want to wait to have sex. One of my best friends tells me that she feels sorry for him because I won't have sex with him. Consequently, I give in and do it. It hurts and I don't enjoy it, but I am ecstatic to have gotten it over with so maybe we can talk about something else for a while.

The idea to write this came from this post in this blog.


Lindsey said...

Sugar Buttons = new badass band name on Rock Band. SCORE.

some jerk said...

Funny...I don't remember the stressing of maturity at RLC, but rather ridiculous amounts of homework all of which could only be completed by only doing homework while at home, forgoing sleep, or by doing only a portion of the work. So in the end I think while I was there I learned how to half-ass things and discovered that it usually was all it took. Except for that time I wrote a term paper on the holocaust and just went from my memory of a WWII Time-Life book I looked at once. That didn't go over too well.

I have an alternate name for your Rock Band... "b's for m's" it's catchy and could reflect your singing style.