Monday, January 05, 2009


So my mom is a genius who says things like, "But can't you just make some of your blog private, and still leave some of it for people to see?"


So now I'm back. I hope all you people are still looking- Thom! Hey, buddy! Birdie! Jerkface, how I have missed you. Seriously, I got my ways of knowing who is looking at this blog, and there are people ALL OVER who look at it on a daily basis, people from several of my former employers, and that just interests the shit out of me. I have honestly been really sad all this time that all these people are taking the time to read my whining and then I had to go and take it all away. So I'm back. I am just limited in what I will and will not write about. So we'll see how this all goes.

I just want to say for the hundredth time that I love you guys. I hope y'all are still looking, and haven't given up on me yet.


Anonymous said...

It's weird... I've had all of my clients say "tada" today. Not that you're my client, but there must be something in the zeitgeist somewhere.

some jerk

Birdie said...

woot! i didn't even know you were gone...but i'm glad i'm not banned. not yet, anyway :)

Birdie said...

oh and hootie = TOTALLY BOSS.