Monday, March 05, 2007

Baby step to the elevator. Baby step to the elevator. Baby step, get on the elevator.

So today I had Reed in our bedroom with me while I dried my hair. He is absolutely fascinated with the blow drier, so he's actually pretty easy to deal with when I fix my 'do. Today, for some reason, he wanted to spend the entire time with his head buried in my ass. I kept stopping and saying, "Dude, what are you doing? Come around here." But every time I flipped my head over to start drying again, I would see his little face peering up at me as he planted his head firmly against the back of my ass. I don't know why- that's just where he wanted to be. Kids are weird, I tell you.

Then we went and TOURED A DAYCARE. Baby steps, people. It's close to where my mom works, and the price is reasonable, and all the teachers and kids were nice, so I'm pretty sure that we're going for it. The thing that cracks me up about it is that Reed will be, literally, the only white kid there. Actually I'm pretty sure he'll be the only white PERSON there, period. Jason and I are both pretty excited about it. I know when Jason was little he went to a GHETTO daycare in a predominantly black neighborhood, and he seems to look back on it fondly. And don't anybody try to get on my case- Jason showed me the daycare he went to, and it is in the ghetto. That's what I mean when I say that he went to a ghetto daycare.

A couple of people have expressed, to me and to my family, concerns about Reed going to a daycare with all "black kids" and "inner city" kids, and frankly I'm a little appalled. Look, I realize that racism exists, but it's just so odd when it pops up right in front of you. At least to me it is. I just find it surprising when a person who seems intelligent and genial enough is suddenly pale and tight-lipped in my presence because I've decided to send my son to daycare with black kids. For me, that doesn't make any sense, and it bothers me quite a bit. But you know, they'll get over it. Either that or I'll have to go all crazy on them, like I do on Jason when I haven't had a beer in a while. THAT is scary, and he can tell you that the only way to calm me down at that point is to wave a burrito in my face until it gets the better of me and I sit down and order some cheese dip. And why would a racist person be carrying a MEXICAN food item in his pocket?


Jason, sender of child to daycare said...

See that wasn't too bad was it? On another note, it never ceases to amaze me how racist people still continue to be. I suppose it wasn't too long ago when it was publicly encouraged, but still...

Thom said...

I'm with you.