Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Walt freakin' Disney.

Originally uploaded by Buford Union Davis.
Jude got tested for RLC last week, and we're still waiting to hear the results. I just know he'll get in. He's obviously a genuis- the kid can NOT follow directions. That's how you know if someone is a genius. Jude is planning in his head how to take over the world and simultaneously come into possession of ALL the skateboards and candy in the U.S. It's really unreasonable for me to expect that he can also pick up his socks and flush the toilet. But I am an unreasonable bitch, so really I don't mind filling the role.

My job = I am so very, very tired. THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING.


Anonymous said...

Aw, jeez. He is ridonkulous. As soon as he hits puberty he should bring the party-stache back. Word.


Jason, Isn't that kid Rhett Butler? said...

The guy has his priorities straight and is obviously an organizational whiz. He probably doesn't flush the toilet because he heard that it's bad to waste our natural resources; he's trying to conserve water. Also, how would he know if his socks were dirty or not if he didn't just throw them on the floor? Socks on floor=dirty Socks in drawer=clean.