Thursday, March 29, 2007

Book 'em, Danno.

So I heard John Fucking Tesh on the radio the other day saying, "You know, buddy, employers check Myspace and stuff when they hire you, so if you have anything BAD on your Myspace or on your blog you should erase it!" I though, "MHMM. Maybe I ought to think about erasing all that stuff about my cocaine use." And I also thought, "Fonk dat." I mean, you know, ahyamwhatahyam. You know?

We went to Nick's graduation from police academy today, and it was fun and interesting and comical and stuff. This one speaker was talking about how he got to "teach" George W. Bush how to yell "War Eagle" when he spoke in Auburn, and I thought, "Now if someone will just teach him how to speak English, he'll be on the road to being an actual human being." But I digress.

It was a lovely day, and I'm so proud of Nick. He looked all handsome and stuff in his uniform, and my sister-in-law Cassie looked so proud and excited. Their son Connor who does not have turrets syndrome but likes to show us how he COULD, in theory, have turrets syndrom had a GREAT time at Ruby Tuesday ("Reed is a baaaaa-by! Reed is a baaaa-by! Ya, ya, weee, weee, eh! I just went and pooped!").

It was a nice afternoon with the fam. And MAN, I have NEVER been in a room with that many loaded fire arms and sets of hand cuffs in my whole life. I can only hope and assume that Nick and Cassie are having some good ol' policeman fun at their house tonight.


Anonymous said...

Turret's syndrome? Sounds serious! What kind of turret? Like a Cindarella castle turret or a machine gun turret? I wonder if they could be surgically removed? Or perhaps a future in a circus sideshow. Atleast he's not artistic. That artism syndrome is difficult.

buffy said...

woops! i dun spelt it rong.