Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If there is no other good reason to go to New Orleans, you should at least go for those largest beers they have.

Okay. OKAY. I've had two forties. Eighty ounces of beer. Yes.

Tomorrow Jason's brother graduates from police academy, making him officially A NARC. I joke. I'm very proud of him. SOMEBODY in our family ought to make good. I'm busy trying to figure out how I can fall down realistically and then sue, so you know. Plus, if Kristi is a lawyer and Nick is a cop and Lindsey works in news media, we're covered on all bases, right?


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd brought home some forties; then I could say, "I only drank two!" And that would be the truth...Lord knows I need about a hundred and forty right now--damn you appellate brief!

--kristi, suing Wal-Mart in T minus 2.5 years!

lindsey said...

I need a "I fell down in Wal-Mart and all I got was this lousy bill from Cooper Green" t-shirt.

I wish I'd brought home TWO forties, instead of just the one. One forty just doesn't seem like enough.