Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I haven't ever thought to, you know, BREATHE AIR before.

Kane really digs origami. I've given him a couple of books and packs of paper over the years to help him in his pursuits, and we usually all get into it at some point.

Over the last few days, Jude has taken a great interest in origami, but he's hit a few speed bumps along the way. Jason has tried to show him a few times how to make a couple of things. He said the other night that he spent quite a while trying to show Jude how to make a swan using the instruction book, and Jude just kept saying, "No, I want you to show me how to DO origami." Jason kept saying, "I'm TRYING to show you how to DO origami." They never really reached a point of understanding with each other, and they both gave up after a while.

Tonight Jude came in while I was dressing Reed and said, "You know, I really like origami. But I just can't seem to really GET IT." So I said, "Well, it's pretty hard, but you just have to read the instructions and fold where they say to fold."

He replied, "OH. Hm. That's interesting. I haven't ever thought to READ the book before."

Can anybody see how I might want to SPOON my eyeballs right out of my head and then throw them out the window?


Jason, Stupid Forker said...

Spooning eyeballs out can be a drag. Use a fork instead...check out the Angry Samoans' song about this

Lindsey said...

Maybe he meant Unagi!!

Thom said...

Nice visual description with the spoon and the eyes.