Thursday, April 26, 2007

Baby Ruth?

Baby Ruth?
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Oh, I definitely have stuff to do. STUFF. TO. DO.

I got a hair cut today in preparation for my ten year high school reunion.

You can go ahead and bludgeon me in the face at any time.

Honestly, it's not a matter of being nervous or scared or uncomfortable; I've seen a lot of the people who will be there pretty recently. It's more just a matter of the OCCASION. I wonder if we're all going to be standing around going, "SO... What have you been up to?...... Mmm. Cool." I intend to dance and drink and eat and hopefully try and look pretty.

Incidentally when I was being shampooed at the salon today, the shampoo lady looked at my long-ass hair and said, "You're getting this cut? Are you doing Locks of Love?" I laughed, and was like, "No, just a trim. I'm not a generous person."


Jason, what the hell am I doing being up so late? said...

I was too tired to go to my 10 year. Ben was 2 months old at the time and waking up at 15-30 minute intervals. We had planned on going, but the day came and I said,"Nah, I'd rather just lay here exhausted on the floor."

Anonymous said...

We are going to partay at the ten year...we're so much cooler than we used to be--dammit! Plus, if there's a lull, then Ashley will probably knock over a table or something. I've been thinking, though, maybe we should wear eyepatches...


stephanie said...

heehee.. love the pics.. I had so much fun last night! (and tell those bitches to stay away from your hair!) and I vote YES for the eyepatches.