Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I poop; you poop; we all poop!

You know, sometimes things get pretty boring around here..

Luckily, right now as I type this, there is a puddle of poo and other assorted items of sewage in our back yard. IT JUST GOT INTERESTING.

For about the last two weeks I had noticed that, besides the fact that the shower was draining REALLY slowly, there were just odd things happening with out plumbing. Often times for no particular reason I can hear what sounds like water draining in the tub, and I can hear bubbles coming up in both of the toilets.

Now there's poop in our back yard- probably our own poop. But I guess there's no guaranteeing that since we're on the city sewer, not a septic tank. It's too bad that we don't live close to any famous people; we could have famous poop in the back yard. I could be selling Leonardo DiCaprio's poop on eBay right now.

But, really, if I had immediate access to Leo's poop, why would I SELL it? It would live in a jar on our mantle above the fireplace, where all good famous poop lives.


Jason, no shit here said...

Just for the record...I did not give you any of that shit.

lindsey said...

Be sure to keep the Last Goat Standing away from the aforementioned shit.

Anonymous said...

Do goats eat poop? They eat everything else...Do they clean it up when they fix it? Do you have to pay for it?

. . .like a fox said...

i think goats eat poop, but what's the point? it just comes out the other end as more poop.