Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is the way.

So the Pussycat Dolls officially have a new member, a girl young and energetic enough to bring the other 27 members of the Pussycat Dolls their hot water bottles and fiber pills after thrusting and humping violently for hours at a time.

In other news, we've been doing some gardening around here and it's good for the soul. We've let life get in the way of keeping up with the out of doors. I went to the store and bought a hydrangea, some creeping jennies, and a few other pretty things and we're working on getting things up to code. I'm excited about having a pretty yard when we get done.

Reed is back to normal momentarily. He's finishing up another round of antibiotics after a nasty cough made things unbearable for every living thing within a three mile radius, and- for the moment- we're all sleeping all night long and waking up happy.

And, in the most interesting news of the evening, Jason was just now apparently doing his "Pussycat Dolls dance" over in the corner just for me, and I didn't even notice.

I'll be talking him into doing it again in nothing but flip flops and a thong later.


Lindsey said...


Didn't you so totally love Chelsea? Because we did. And I totally think that she's exactly what I'd want to look like, if we got to choose. I thought she was ADORABLE.

Asia was a mouth breather and it bugged the shit out of me. Oh, and a bitchy drama queen. Feh on Robin Anton and her big ol' man jaw. FEH, I say.

Jason, house proponent said...

Gardening. Yet another benefit of having a house. Pussycat Dolls? And I thought I had too much time on my hands.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I like houses too--and I totally dig hydrangeas. I just try to feel better about being homeless by saying that all homes suck. It's like being allergic to peanuts.

I prefer doing Pussycat Dolls dances in a sombrero and a bellybutton charm.
But flipflops and a thong are cool too.