Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh yes, that's right.

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We saw Wolfmother last night at Workplay, and it was one of the most impressive rock shows that I've ever seen. Those guys have so much charisma, like out to HERE, so much that you have to stand back and brace yourself in order to take it in. I really was pleasantly surprised, because I don't know that much of them. Jason really loves them so I was just along for the ride, and I'm so glad that I was because it was SWEET. And now I have a crush because that lead singer, that one with the tight jeans and the afro, he says "BIRmingham." You know, BIRmingham, with the emphasis on the BIR. Folks from Birmingham, Alabama say "BirmingHAM", with the emphasis on the HAM, because ham is just so good that the emphasis always ought to be there, on the ham. Apparently Australians are more concerned with the bir than the ham, which is probably how he can fit in to those TIGHTEST JEANS THEY HAVE.


My only complaint is that the whole show was so damn energetic, so non-stop, and then at the end they suddenly went into this too-long, when-is-this-going-to-end, I'm-asleep-with-my-eyes-open experimental jam-type thing, and it just didn't fit. I mean, every one there is pumped, drinking tons of beers, dancing all over the place, sweating and loving it, and then all of the sudden the whole thing screeches to halt and they just slowly sway about the stage, teetering about playing random notes and feedback and whatnot. We made it through about twenty minutes of that before I figured that midnight was a smart time to go home, what with the working and the baby who cares not about my sleep.

But all-in-all, a great experience, a great band, no ass whatsoever to fill those TIGHTTIGHT jeans but still a sexy motherfucker.

Speaking of, one of the highlights of the night was when I leaned over to Lindsey and said, "Man, that guy has no ass whatsoever." She replied, "Have you SEEN Jason's ass?"


Jason, a different kind of ass said...

Why did she yell "SEEN"? Was the music so loud you could not hear? Seems like that would have been a perfect case for using some subtle inflection in the voice. For example, "Have you seen Jason's ass?"

stephanie said...

aww man, I still can't believe we missed Wolfmother. James is now entering into a terrible sort of depression I can only describe as "not seeing the guy with tight-ass jeans rock out with his cock out" BOO. I'm glad you guys had fun, although I am insanely jealous and currently plotting unthinkably cool things we can do with the $2.78 I have in my purse.

Lindsey said...