Thursday, April 05, 2007

Qui gives a shit?

Things are temporarily fairly normal here at the Agan household. I AM RELISHING IT WHILST I'M ABLE, PEOPLE (mm, relish).

I would like to say that I was pleasantly impressed and entertained by The Departed. I knew that I'd like it, but I didn't really think that I'd FANATICALLY LOVE IT the way that I'm doing. I have to say HONESTLY that it had me sitting on the edge of my seat, tapping my foot through the whole movie. TRUTHFULLY, though, I didn't buy the psychiatrist character; there was something that just didn't play out for me. Because honesty and truth are not synonymous.

I have to say, that concept had never really occurred to me before- I know plenty of you are just gearing up gleefully to type "OH MY SHIT YOU NEVER KNEW THAT?" But come on, I can't be a fucking genius on every single idea ever, people. I know whores and cocaine, okay? Those're my forte. Honesty and truth? I know not these things.

I was thoroughly intrigued, so I took to the internet- that's where all honesty and truth reside, right? I also took a quick look into my 1997 Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which had this to say about the word honest: 1 : free from deception : truthful; also: genuine, real 2 : reputable 3 : creditable 4 : marked by integrity. It listed the synonyms upright, just, conscientious, honorable. The definition of truth (in 1997) is: 1 : truthfulness, honesty 2 : the real state of things: fact 3 : the body of real events or facts: actuality, and it lists the synonyms veracity and verity.

I went ahead and looked up integrity as well, as it was used in the definition of honesty: 1 : adherence to a code of values: incorruptibility 2 : soundess 3 : completeness.

You may all be asleep by this point, but I find the subtle difference to be fascinating. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have more to say about this later, but for now, what do you think? Does it boil down to whether you're more concerned about the outcome or the actual fact? Does that simplify it too much? Should folks holdin' philosophy degrees just shut the fuck up and go to bed already?


Jason, word nerd said...

I think the core difference is that honest is an adjective and sometimes and adverb. Truth is a noun. Hence you can have the honest truth.

buffy said...

Yes, but what about honesty and truth? What about the statement, "Honesty isn't synonymous with truth."?

Jason, word nerd said...

Well honesty is a virtue, while truth is something that is not a lie. I prefer to use the adjective forms of these words so... "Bob is an honest used car salesman. He won't rip you off." "Bob is a truthful used car salesman. He doesn't lie."

You can value honesty while never or not always telling the truth. Especially when you are the beneficiary of other people's honesty.

Aunt Suzie said...

Well, I think maybe people with philosophy degrees shouldn't watch movies. I saw Departed, like it ok but thought it got a little ridiculous after about the 5000th person was killed (up close). And I didn't get any big message about truth and integrity out of it. Just death, blood, and brain matter. Have a great day, Buff.