Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well, today my cat is still dead and buried in the back yard, and our plumbing still isn't fixed and the plumber still hasn't come back to figure out why it's not fixed even though I first called them last Thursday to let them know things weren't kosher.


The owner of the plumbing company that did this most expensive work came over today to discuss the work, the price, and the fact that things still aren't perfect and, I gotta tell ya, he's a LOUD TALKER and a CLOSETALKER. Those two things together equal a very odd conversation, a conversation in which he claimed that Jason said, "As long as it doesn't go over $8000, we'll pay it.", a conversation in which he asked me what church we go to, a conversation in which he kept talking about charging us $4000 in a way that I could tell he meant that he had never tried to charge us $7000. IT WAS TENSE. He eventually said that he was "prepared" to only charge us $1500 instead of the $3000 that we owed (he had held on to the check for $3000 since Jason told him that we didn't have that much in the bank), and that his "guy" would come back later in the afternoon to figure out why the shower still isn't draining.

We still don't have a bill or an invoice for the work, and his "guy" never came back to fix our shit.

This situation is steadily getting more frustrating and more complicated, and I don't really DO complicated, you know? I like beer. I like cheese. I like having beer and cheese with my friends on the front porch.

Maybe I just need to have some beer and cheese on the front porch with these plumbers and try to work it out that way.


Anonymous said...

Dood--this stinks to high heaven. I hate confrontation and shit (both kinds), but I would keep resisting; maybe since they screwed up and know it they'll back off and you can spend less...I know you're totally interested in what I would do, but I talked to a couple of third years and they said it sounded a bit weird. --kat

Lindsey said...

I'm pretty sure both the Civil War AND WWII were settled over Natty Light and Kraft singles on somebody's front porch...

Jason said...

Beware the milking of more money. I wouldn't trust these guys. Did they ever give you a copy of the contract or receipt? You might want to keep a record of when they came and exactly what they did. I'd also be concerned that they could use that floated check against you.