Wednesday, April 11, 2007


OOO! So today, we had about $7000 worth of poopy fun! Except that poop isn't really that much fun, and neither is spending $7000 on about four hours worth of work.

By the way, next week I'm becoming a plumber.

It turns out a pipe burst in our back yard underneath the ground, and they had to bring in a tractor or a back hoe or some shit, dig up the back yard, and replace the pipes. We have a home warranty but this wasn't covered because the problem wasn't IN the fucking house, which I'm sort of divided about because normally I would say "just so long as there's no shit in my house." But today if the shit had been in my house I could have saved $7000 so I think I would make the trade-off.

After Jason told the guy repeatedly that we literally don't have seven-fucking-thousand dollars to pay him, he finally knocked it down to $4000 because he's such a stand-up fellow, so we gave him $1000 and a check that's going to bounce like Beonce's ass if we get turned down for a loan tomorrow, which we probably will.

So, you know, party! Tonight we drink. Tomorrow we start looking for cardboard boxes that are big enough to hold two adults, three children, two cats and a goat.


lindsey said...

You know, you could've built a really swank outhouse for about $100, tops.

I think your house = the money pit.

Jason said...

That really sucks. It actually seems to happen a lot with older houses, especially after a cold snap like we had recently. I know Jenni's parents' (that's a lot of possessives!) old house had the sewer line break as well. That actually sounds like a reasonable deal, I think they paid closer to $10,000 for theirs to be fixed.

In other news(which everyone probably already knows) more shit...Kurt Vonnegut died. Kind of sad. I know you and Kristi (ok and me too) really liked his works. He had a TBI from a fall recently and never recovered.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...If there's anything I can do to help you guys, let me know. Maybe I can beat up the plumber. Really, truly horrible.

To Jason: Yeah, I heard about KV. My dog, Eliot Rosewater is also very upset. I always thought I'd get to see him talk one day...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Kurt Vonnegut, that is, not my dog.

Back to the shit-line: I kind of think all houses are money pits...I'm glad I'm getting rid of mine before the termites descend. I'll go check Sams for a couple refrigerator boxes. We could duct tape them together...maybe rud them with hot sauce so the goat doesn't eat them.
--still kristi

Jason said...

I love my house. I'll be sad when we have to move and I have to fix everything before it sells.

I think apartments are the crappiest deal, especially if you have a family and pets. You can't fix anything yourself. Everything that you ask to get fixed, breaks within a week, and they always seem to flood on the lower floors. Plus you have no yard to play or pee in.

stephanie said...

play or pee or puke in, whatever your flavor...
damn, that stinks. i guess i was under the impression that sewer rather than septic was the better choice, but i guess if it's in your yard, it's your problem. ugh. i guess knowing's half the battle and we all know what the other half is.