Monday, April 09, 2007

This is the way we grow our childrens.

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Yes, that's right; my child wears bunny ears.

He hunted Easter eggs for the first time yesterday, and it was really one of the most fun, inspiring, joyous days that I've experienced in a long time. Regardless of how dramatic it may sound, watching him grow and develop is mind-boggling and heart-breaking and awe-inspiring all wrapped up into one big mess of emotions. HE HUNTED EGGS! He sought them out and put them in a basket and showed us how many he had. OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO BE THE MOTHER OF A TEEN-AGER ONE OF THESE DAYS.

And today he didn't cry when I took him to daycare. HE DIDN'T CRY OR PROTEST OR CLUTCH ME AND SCREAM. It is monumental and wonderful and I felt so FUCKING RELIEVED and a little bit hurt, but that's just my crazy showing itself a little. Some tiny part of me wants him to never want to be with anyone but me, but hey, all the boys can't act just like Brad Pitt. HE always cries when I drop him back off with Mama Angelina. That whole marriage thing is a cover-up, by the way.

Work, and life, and parenthood, and life and work and being a mama, it gets right up on top of me sometimes. I was driving home from work the other evening and I suddenly had this realization that I DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. And I'm not perfect at all. And even though I am so far from perfect, I am a fantastic mother because some days all I can think about is how to make things the best they can possibly be for Reed and Kane and Jude. And I'm striving all the time to be a fantastic wife, and even thought I'm not ALWAYS a fantastic wife I try so hard and I apologize A LOT, people. And things- you know, life- have felt really good for a surprising amount of time, and it's only partly because of all the heroin and vodka, so I'm making progress.

Really the only area that I'm not progressing in is italicizing. When I use Blogger on my Mac, there isn't a button for italicizing, so I'm doing all this FUCKING capitalization, because it's the only other option for EMPHASIS and INTONATION.



lindsey said...

I can't remember how Blogger works, exactly, but if there's a "view code" option, you can go in and put italicize the words manually -- < i > italicize this, bitch < /i > -- just without the spaces.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could've been there! Obviously, Reed is a genius, but we all knew that. And the bunny ears are a nice touch.


Jason, too much time at times said...

You should use emphasize instead of italics because you get a much greater slanting of the words. < em > meaningless banter < /em >

Or Big

< big > gargantuan meaningless banter < /big >


< b > audacious meaningless banter < /b >

And always use breaks, especially on Myspace pages. Does anyone really read those ridiculously long lists of bands people like?

< br >
Like with Lindsey's just ignore those spacings since this comment section won't accept a lot of HTML language.
On a side note...Buffy, do you mean that my comments are "shit" or that I pester and tease too much or both? All of this free time to "give you shit" is a side effect of conducting research. I have a lot of 5 minute break periods, but am confined to a room with a computer. Hence the multiple torments! Hope you and your other readers enjoy!